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Balloon Decorations

Classic Balloon Décor: Refers to columns, spiral garland arches, string-of-pearl arches, and balloon centerpieces. This is the foundation of balloon decorating. Almost everyone starts here, and once you have these components mastered you can move on to more challenging work. Balloon Decorating Course descriptions

balloon canopies add the "Wow!" factor to an event

Learning the fundamentals of classic balloon décor will help you enhance the atmosphere of any event. Decorate weddings, birthdays, trade shows, grand openings, bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteen, anniversaries, quinceañeras, proms, sporting events, concerts, corporate events, and many others.

It's the "Wow!" factor that sell the job and makes happy customers

Balloon decorations are the most economical way to decorate a hall. Balloons are great to fill empty spaces and can transform the most ordinary, or downright ugly banquet hall into a breath taking fantasy.

What you will learn:

  • The Balloon Anatomy
  • How to combine colors for an effective design.
  • Working with Compressed Gas
  • Arch Length Formulas
  • Balloon Techniques
  • The Principles and Elements of Design
  • Balloon Columns
  • Balloon Garland
  • Making The Bases
  • Making Frames
  • Designing Arches
  • Designing Canopies
  • Balloon Sculptures
  • Balloon Centerpieces
  • Pricing your décor
  • Course descriptions

Cinderella's Castles and Princess themesd parties

Cinderella's Castles and Princess themes are the dreams of every little girl from 6 to 60

Learn balloon decorating with a international - multi award winning designer.

These courses are unlike any other. You will use hands on techniques and create actual full sized decor as well as learning the elements of effective design.

Classes are taught in our own facility that with a full sized hall that allows you to learn hands on with actual full scale projects.

As a student you will receive a full color book with graphic designs of many balloon designs that you can create for your customers. Learn more about how you can add over the top balloon decor to the services you provide or enter an exciting new career.

Balloon Logos . . . . . . . Balloon charicters

In the Certified Event Decorator course you will learn how to add other elements like fabric, props, and flowers to your balloon decor. The EDA offers intermediate and advance Continuing Ed Classes.

We do not teach the same things you find for free in manufactures websites or other sites. Our manuals are written by our instructors and are not sold anywhere.

Our balloon decorating classes will teach you everything you need to know to start offering distinctive decor to your clients. You will learn how to create several types of balloon columns, balloon arches, balloon canopies, balloon centerpieces, balloon walls, and balloon sculptures.

The first class is a theory class it includes the anatomy for creating beautiful décor: Guidelines for composition and how to combine all of the elements in your décor following the formal principles of design. We teach you how to understand the color wheel and use various color combinations to your advantage. We teach different pattern, styles, formulas and layouts for efficient designs

Let us teach that how to do Spectacular Event Decor, just as you have always dreamed about!

The Event Decorating Academy offers individual courses as well as a 2 week intensive decorating certification course that includes:

  • Fabric draping
  • Flower design
  • Balloon decor
  • Props & lighting
  • Centerpieces
  • The Event Decor Business - marketing & pricing
  • Photography & portfolio
Balloon Tunnel

Other balloon decorating classes offered

Balloon Decorating 6 - day courses

Level 1 – Elements of design & color
Level 2 – Columns & Arches
Level 3 – Centerpieces
Level 4 – Canopies & Gazebos
Level 5 – Walls & Signs
Level 6 – Balloon Sculptures
Balloon File Reel

Small Sculptures, Big Profits

Learn to make kids favorite characters using round balloons. Great for deliveries, parties and even decor. These adorable sculptures will bring smiles to everyone.

Kids theme parties

Kid Them Parties

Join this course and learn how to make amazing scenes for those special birthdays. Learn how to offer an all inclusive decor package with everything they need for a unique party.

Learn to transform a kids birthday party into a once upon a time fairy tale. In this class you will learn how to add enchantment to your décor by incorporating balloon decor and the use of props.

The Magic of Quinceañeras

Learn the traditions behind this event. Learn to do the traditional decorations, accessories and favors.
Learn to transform a quinceañera event into a once upon a time fairy tale. In this class you will learn how to add enchantment to your décor by incorporating the use of fabric, balloon decor and backdrops into carriages, castles, entrances, ceremony scenes, and canopies for the special dance. Bouquets, hair pieces, centerpieces, favors and other traditional items. Nobody else offers this class.

Don’t miss it!

Baby Shower 3 day course

Day 1 - Favors, cake toppers & centerpieces
Day 2 - Must haves balloon decorations for baby shower
Day 3 - Theme Decoration Packages

Balloon Baby Shower Decor

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